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HST New Housing Rebate

HST New Housing Rebate for Purchase of New Home

On July 1, 2010, Ontario harmonized its provincial sales tax (PST) with the federal goods and services tax (GST) to create the harmonized sales tax (HST). Due to this change, there was a significant shift in the manner that sales tax was applied on the building, purchase and sale of real property in Ontario. Most significantly, the full 13% HST applied on the purchase of a new residential property.

HST New Housing Rebate is available for purchasers of new real property in Canada and can be as much as $30,300.

To offset the additional cost to a purchaser of real property in Ontario, the government of Canada together with the province of Ontario created an HST New Housing Rebate for New Homes in Ontario. There is a complex set of rules to qualify for the HST New Housing Rebate but stated simply, there is an HST Rebate to a purchaser of a new house from a builder where the home was acquired for use as their primary place of residence. In Ontario, it is possible to receive an HST Rebate for up to $27,600 directly from the federal and/or provincial government.

It is often the case that the HST New Housing Rebate is assigned to the developer/builder on closing. In these cases, the builder will credit the purchaser and it will be the builder that receives the HST New Housing Rebate. There are many cases, however, where the builder will not apply on behalf of the purchaser and it is the purchaser’s responsibility to recover the HST New Housing Rebate from the CRA.

In the case where the builder or developer does not complete the New Housing Rebate on your behalf, it is up to you to apply. This is where can help!

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