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HST Rental Rebate

HST Residential Rental Rebate or HST Rental Rebate

Residents of Ontario, Quebec, or British Columbia may qualify for the GST/HST New Residential Rental Property Rebate or HST Rental Rebate with Ontario residents able to receive an HST Rental Rebate  up to $30,300 directly from the federal and provincial government.  Ontario’s portion may be as high as $24,000.

The HST Rental Rebate is generally available to a owner of a residential property that is leased for at least one year to a tenant. The rules for the HST Rental Rebate are different than the HST New Housing Rebate but the amount of the rebate may be the same up to $30,300.

HST Rental Rebate v. HST New Housing Rebate?

You cannot claim both the HST rental rebate and the HST New Housing Rebate – it is one or the other.  There has been much confusion in this respect and which has led to CRA reassessments. There are time sensitive requirements and specific provisions of the law to address and it is strongly advised to speak with an HST expert if you are faced with this.

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