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HST Rebate Owner Built Home

HST Rebate Owner Built Home

Residents of Ontario, Quebec, or British Columbia that have built or hired someone to build a new house or made substantial renovations to their house within the last two years may qualify for the HST Rebate Owner Built Home. The HST Rebate Owner-Built Home may be as much as $30,300 that is paid directly from the federal and provincial government to you.

To qualify for the HST Rebate Owner   Built Home, it is important to keep a proper record of receipts for the expenses where HST was paid in the building or renovation of the home. Whether it is demolition, painting, plumbing, drywall, engineering fees, or the like, you must have record of HST paid. You do not want to miss out on the HST Rebate Owner-Built Home.

The approval process for the HST Rebate Owner Built Home can be arduous and comprehensive than the HST New Housing Rebate for newly purchased homes, and our HST experts have the experience to navigate the rules and help you obtain the full HST rebate!

You may contact an HST Expert at by phone at 1-855-903-8129 or email at to get started.

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